Film Production & Online TV Broadcasting

Our purpose is to add value to the world, By Leaving a mark on hearts and minds.

Film Production: Upshot house a new breed of dynamic award winning filmmakers & storytellers.
We specialise in creating meaningful content that captivates all types of audiences.

Online TV Broadcasting: Upshot TV is a multi-genre channel.
It is a platform for young people to produce Films & Web Series with a positive spin, aimed at their peers.

Upshot work with Forward thinking people, brands & charities to create content.
In the process we train & develop the next generation of creative talents.

In everything we do, we strive to support & develop young people.
Join us in empowering creatives of the future, By hiring our services.


Upshot TV

We Produce & Broadcast original films, web series & comedy via Upshot TV. Reaching millions of young viewers online. Our content is powered by forward thinking brands. This enables us to train & give a platform to fresh young talent.

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Video Production

Our dynamic in-house production team will bring your project to life. The award winning team, is experienced in all genres and levels of work. We provide fast turnarounds and are flexible with our rates.

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Digital Marketing

Upshot can seamlessly help you engage young audiences, through our unique marketing methods and youth reach. If your product/service adds value to the world, we want to help you share it and reach 100,000’s of young viewers online.

Youtube Development

Launch a fully branded online TV channel with our new age digital filmmakers. A service for you, or your organisation. We will produce and help you distribute your content. We will also provide you with a channel strategy pack to keep you going.

Actor Reels

We have worked with 100’s of Actors, Established, and up and coming. Our Actor reels have helped many talents showcase their ability. Resulting in getting Agents in the UK/USA. Our reels can be used for audition tapes or for Actors seeking representation. (Only doing bulk bookings)

Youth Workshops

We offer a range of projects around filmmaking and social enterprise. We work with 100’s of influential young creatives and have a rotation of experienced facilitators. Our team is ready to engage youth and leave them inspired & empowered. This is our Passion.

Public Appearances

We love to share our story and culture. The Upshot team is available for panel discussions & talks around digital filmmaking, social enterprise, youth & inspiration. We have a network of influential offscreen & onscreen creative talent ready to share their expertise.

Social Enterprise

We are passionate about adding value to the world through Entertainment. If you are a Social Enterprise / Entrepreneur and need help in changing the world , Upshot is interested in supporting your work. Please contact us for more information.



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